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Goodix Trading Pte Ltd
Sole Distributor for Naforye Baby Products (Singapore, Malaysia)
Company Registration No.: 200800640E

Welcome to the homepage of Goodix Trading. We are the sole distributor in Singapore and Malaysia for Naforye baby products manufactured and imported from Taiwan. We are distributing the complete collection of Naforye products in the region and provide wholesale and retail in small and large quantities. Please feel free to explore our extensive product range and contact us for any queries.

About the Naforye brand:

Naforye products were introduced in autumn 1996. The company's name 'Naforye' takes abbreviation from the French word 'Naissance' (meaning 'Birth' in English), and form the brand Naforye from the sentence 'NAissance; FOR Young parEnt'; that brings the meaning of 'Nurturing, and Taking Care of Babies'. The Naforye brand intends to represent the core spirit of our focus in developing baby products for young parents

Product safeties, unique and useful product ideas, are the main focus when we're developing Naforye products. With the constantly maturing manufacturing technologies, our product pricing are more attractive nowadays. We are thankful for the satisfactions and encouragements that our customers have given us, and with your support, we will continue to produce good and quality products, for now and for the future.

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